Monday, 4 April 2016

TAG Post// 50 Things that make me happy

      Only 1 more week of the holidays left *cries*

Anyway yesterday I was tagged by the lovely Sian (BLOG LINK HERE: to do 50 things that make me happy, here they are!

1.Sunny Days, seeing the sun shining instantly boosts my mood

2.Music, especially if it has an uplifting tune and meaningful lyrics


4.Reading, I find reading therapeutic and I love getting lost in a good book

5.Cute animals

6.Shopping, I love retail therapy!

7.Days out

8.Helping people, knowing I've helped someone/ made a difference brings a smile to my face

9.Friends, I've got some amazing friends and we share loads of brilliant memories

10.Memories, I have lots of good memories and thinking about them always makes me happy

11.Holidays, I love going abroad and being able to relax

12.Getting my hair done


14.Visiting new places, I love discovering new places and going somewhere I have never been before

15.Being complimented

16.Drama, it's my favourite subject and I love acting and becoming a completely different person

17.Having a laugh

18.Spending time with my family, whether its watching a movie or visiting my grandparents

19.Watching "girly"/chick flicks

20.Making someone smile

21.New makeup, I love buying new makeup and expanding my collection. Also I love being able to try out new looks/styles

22.Blog chats, these are always so much fun and lively

23.New blogger friends, there are so many lovely bloggers out there and its great being able to discuss blogs and share similar interests

24.Achieving my goals, ITS SUCH A GOOD FEELING!

25.Hot chocolate, my comfort drink! It's one of the best hot drinks out there, especially with whipped cream and marshmallows!

26.Receiving gifts, cards, letters

27.New clothes, I love being new outfits and being able to develop my fashion style


29.Running, it's great at stress relieving and I feel great knowing that I have pushed myself


31.Good makeup/hair/outfit days (bonus if it's all 3 in a day!)

32.Getting things done, puts my mind at ease and I have left to worry about

33.Going to restaurants/pub meals, I love eating out and eating new food/ food I love

34.Discovering new songs

35.Watching TV

36.Bubble baths, so relaxing and baths are 10x better when you use a bath bomb/scented bubble bath

37.Red velvet cupcakes, they taste like heaven, I love the gooey chocolate centre the most

38.Looking after my skin

39.Meerkats, they are so cute and my favourite animal as well

40.Pamper nights


42.Tea, I love to drink tea and I have even started to like herbal tea (especially jasmine green tea)

43.Sunrises/Sunsets, they are so colourful and beautiful!
Unedited photo of the sun rising one day

44.Taking pictures of the sky, see above

45.Star Gazing, I love staring out my window at all the starts, its relaxing and breath taking at the same time


47.Love, its one of the best feelings in the world (super cringey but IDC!)

48.Taking a good photo






Alice Lucie said...

Thank you so much for tagging me to do this darling! I loved reading through your list - I also adore hot chocolate wth cream!
Alice |

Severina said...

Your very welcome, I look forward to reading your post!
Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post (✿◠‿◠)