Sunday, 3 July 2016

My 6th form prom

Hello lovelies!

Friday night was a very special night for me, as it was my 6th form’s prom! I had an amazing night and it was lovely to be with my year group for one final time.


I got my hair pinned up at my local hairdressers and my hairdresser did an amazing job. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know how much I love the boho fashion style, so I wanted a boho prom hair style. I spent a while looking for photo’s on the internet and I eventually found one I really liked. My hairdresser did a fantastic job of getting my hair to look how it did in the photo.

Prom hair (front)

Prom hair (back)

Make up

For my make up I did it myself (took me 20 minutes) and I went for quite a natural look. However, although I’m capable of doing eyeliner I asked my mum to do it for me so it would look perfect.

Prom Make up
Make up used:

· Benefit Pore professional Primer

· L’Oreal Infallible matte foundation

· Rimmel clear complexion finishing powder

· L’Oreal Secret stars kit (eyeshadow)

· Clinique high impact mascara

· Technique clear mascara

· L’Oreal Superliner eyeliner

· NYX baked blusher

· Essence velvet matte lipstick- shade 23

Prom face!
I also decided to paint my nails, I chose a navy blue polish and a glittery blue polish (to go with my dress!)

Prom nails
  • Next matte nail varnish- Shade blue suede 
  • Nails inc glittery varnish- Shade galaxy

Dress: New Look
Shoes: Marks and Spencers

My prom outfit wasn't new as I've had the dress and shoes for a couple of years now. However I really wanted to wear this dress for prom as it's summery and is elegant. 

Our prom was held at Judges which is a lovely country house hotel. The food was really nice as well (BBQ food). I had such a fab evening dancing with everyone and being with everyone, I danced for about 3 hours in my heels and my feet were dead the next day. It was one of my best nights and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Have you had your prom yet?


Nicole Marie said...

You look absolutely stunning and I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful time! I don't think my college even has a leavers ball at the end, so I am quite jealous xx

Thrifty vintage fashion

abbeylouisarose said...

Wow, you look beautiful! Fantastic eyeliner flicks, well done to your Mum! I hope you had a magical evening!

Abbey -