Wednesday, 27 August 2014

2 weeks in France (Part 1)

Hello lovelies,
               Yesterday I arrived back from my holiday in France and I had an amazing time. It was great to get away for a bit of sunshine and just being able to relax and chill.

For 2 weeks(09/08/14-23/08/14) I stayed in a cottage with my family in the port of Dinan which was not to far away from the medieval town itself. Dinan is in the region of Brittany.

The cottage we stayed in

Port of Dinan

The town, Dinan

At the cottage we stayed at there was a bar literally opposite us so we ate there several nights.The food was delicious and the staff there were very friendly.

The bar opposite the cottage

During our 2 week stay we explored the towns in Brittany as we had only ever visited Dinan in Brittany previously.I'm not going to write what I did every day but instead talk about a few of the places we visited.


Well we didn't visit Concale itself as we couldn't find parking but its a lovely town right by the coast. However we did visit the headland. On the headland we had a walk on the cliff and as you can see from the picture it was gorgeous. It was a lovely,sunny day and the coast was just simply gorgeous.

St-Marlo is another old-fashioned town which is right by the coast and it even has a beach. Marlo means pirate is french and because St-Marlo has a port as well (although its much bigger than Dinan's) named town of pirates.We visited St-Marlo on 2 occasions and on both occasions we looked around the shops. The shops ranged from- tourist, French cloth shops, creperies and bakeries.

The Beaches

On a number of occasions we had days at the beach. On the mornings I would play frisbee and tennis with my brother. In the afternoon we would swim and play in the sea (despite it being a little chilly). The french have such gorgeous beaches and all the beach days were very sunny and I had lots of fun.

My 2 weeks in Dinan were amazing and I had so much fun with my family. I also enjoyed doing a lot of shopping in France and eating French food.

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