Thursday, 28 August 2014

London and Norwich (Part 2)

     When I came back from France I spent 3 days down south and here is what I got up to while down South.

On the first day down south we went to London for the day and it was amazing. First we looked round Camden Market because a)I had always wanted to do it and b)we had never done it before

Camden Lock Market

There are 2 parts of Camden Market, there is one in Camden itself and one by Camden Lock. My favourite was Camden Lock as there were heaps more stalls and it was much more spaced out.

The stalls

The stalls at Camden Market sold a variety of things such as clothes, jewellery, positive message plaques and much more.
While at Camden market I picked up a few bits and bobs that I liked. I loved looking round the stalls as they all had a unique touch to them.

Food stalls

One of my favourite parts of Camden Market was the food stalls as they all handed out free samples which were very yummy. In fact we got lunch from one of these stalls.

Stall where we got lunch from

After looking round the market we looked a few shops in Camden itself. I loved the shops in Camden as they were very different from normal shops, particularly the design of the shops

Funky shops in Camden Town

After having a good look round Camden we got on the Tube and went to the Natural History Museum. There was an exhibition on wolly mammoths and we had tickets so we looked at the exhibition. It was really fascinating and it told you all about wolly mammoths

Wolly Mammoth Exhibition

After looking round the Museum we got the tube to are final destination of the day, the Tower of London. At the Tower of London they are currently filling up the grass in front of it with ceramic poppies for 100 years since WW1. At the moment there is about 200,000 already placed and they hope to have over 1 million placed by November 11th.

Tower of London( you can just see
the poppies at the bottom)

Overall it was a brilliant day out in London and I hope I can go back to London again soon.


The day after London we were supposed to go to Cambridge but it rained so we just went straight to Norwich. On the final day (day 3) we had a morning shopping in Norwich. If you have been reading my blog for a long time you will know I have visited Norwich previously. They have oodles of shops in Norwich some of which are modern every day shops and some which are funky knick knack stores. It was a great morning shopping in Norwich and I bought quite a few bits and bobs. For lunch we ate in Bella Italia and then came back home.

Haul from Norwich

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