Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Lovin'

     I hope you are all having a lovely summer. On a few blogs that I have read I have seen blog posts where they are answering summer related questions so I thought I would have a go.

What's your favourite thing about Summer?
Being off school for 6 weeks and getting to relax and do fun and exciting things during those weeks.

Favourite Summer Drink?

Lemonade (preferably pink of course). I find lemonade lovely and refreshing on a hot summers day. Its sweet and fizzy as well so that's a bonus

Location you like to go to each summer?
I normally go abroad for a couple of weeks each summer. However if I had to pick I would say somewhere in Europe that's not too hot and has beautiful beaches and ancient towns to look around.

What's your favourite summer look?
Cute and pretty short/sleeveless tops with a pair of shorts and sandals. I also like to wear pretty, floaty summer dresses. 

Dresses or Skirts?

I own more dresses than skirts so it has to be dresses. Also dresses are more pretty and the best time to wear dresses is during the summer months.

Sandals or Ballet Pumps?

Sandals- Ballet pumps never stay on my feet so it has to be sandals.

Hair Up or Down?

Hmmm this is a tricky one. I'm growing out my hair and it gets really annoying when I leave it down so I'm going with hair up. I can style it in many different ways and it keeps my hair out of my way.

Smoky eyes or bold lips?

Bold Lips- I have never attempted to do smoky eyes yet and if I'm going in the pool or sea it would be too much hassle. Bold lips are very simple to do and make a big statement.

Favourite perfume for summer?
I tend to use the same perfume all year round but I would go with a light and fruity scent

Favourite summer music?
My music taste stays the same all year round. However I have do have one song that reminds me of summer days and that's Lets Go by Calvin Harris

S'mores or Ice Cream?

Ice cream- I have only ever had s'mores once and summer isn't summer unless you eat ice cream. Also summer is the season for eating ice cream and there are zillions of yummy flavours to try.

What's your most fun summer memory?
Every year my school holds a summer drama course during the first week of summer. Here we play fun and wild games on a morning and then do whole group drama's in the afternoon.

Does your skin tan or burn?
I'm really pale so I hardly tan and if I don't use at least factor 50 sun cream then I burn.

Favourite summer nail polish?
 I prefer to wear pretty pastel nail polish during the summer.

Sunglasses or Hats?

For me I have to wear both but if I had to pick one I would choose sunglasses.

Pool or Beach?

Beach- Summer was invented for visiting the beach! I love to lie down on a towel on the sand and relax and I love to splash about in the sea

Here are all things things I like about summer, what do you like about summer?


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