Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Recent Reads

     Today I'm going to be sharing with you what I have been reading recently.

The wrong boy: Suzi Zail

Background:(This book isn't based on a true story) A Jewish girl named Hanna is sent to Auschwitz with her family. She, her mother and her sister, Erkia, are seperated from her father. Hanna can play the piano and is chosen to play for the camp commander. However its not long before she falls in love with 
the commander's son, Karl. 

Comment: Although the book is called the wrong boy, Hanna falling in love with Karl isn't the main story line. The story line is all the hardships she has to suffer while at Auschwitz and what it was like being at Auschwitz. Although I already knew quite about about the Holocaust this book really opened my eyes and gave me much more depth to what actually went on. I found it really sad and although the book had a happy ending it still left me sad as it's still quite sad.

Days of blood and starlight: Laini Taylor

Background: This is the sequel to Daughter of smoke and bone. Karou decides to stay in the chimera and seraphim world, Erezt. Here she takes up the job of resurrection from her adopted father, Brimstone. However these newly resurrected chimera are being used as soldiers to fight the seraphim and a war is on the brink of brewing. Her lover, Akiva, is a seraphim and is trying to save the chimera and show that fighting is not the way forward. 

Comment: Almost a year ago I read daughter of smoke and bone and I loved it. I loved reading this one as well. The plot really develops as with the relationships with the characters. There were a few surprises in this book and it leaves you on a cliff hanger.

The Perfectionists: Sara Shepard

Background: 5 girls are sick of rich bully Nolan. At his party they play a prank on him that goes horribly wrong. They are trying to keep quite about what they did and there secrets of their past. However its not long before it starts to come out.

Comment: I really enjoyed this book and it jumps about from each girls story. You think the girls are responsible for Nolan's accident but there not, it's someone else and the book ends on a cliff hanger. I enjoyed how the plot develops and you find out the girls secrets and why they wanted to prank Nolan.

Opal Plumstead: Jaqueline Wilson

Background: Opal Plumstead is a bright girl with a scholarship who dreams of attending Oxford. When her dad is put in prison she is forced to leave school and begins to work in Fairy Glens sweet factory. Here she meets Mrs Roberts who is a suffragette and Opal becomes one as well. Also Opal begins to fall for Mrs Roberts son, Morgan

Comment: I don't care how old I am, I still love Jacqueline Wilson (she is my favourite author of my childhood). I loved reading her new book. The story line is very interesting with lots of little sub plots develop. I also like how the book talks about the context in which the book is set in as well. I found the ending a little sad as there is a sudden shocker towards the end of the book.

Well those are my recent reads. I hope you give them a try!


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