Saturday, 3 January 2015

Shopping Haul

Hello everyone,
              Yesterday I went to MeadowHall to sales shop and here is what I bought!

Jeggings- New Look

These were actually a christmas present off my aunty but there were way to small. However I just exchanged them for the next size up and hopefully they will fit much better.

Fleece- New Look £6 (in sale)

I spotted this fleece in the sale and decided I was going to buy it. With the weather being freezing and not having to wear a uniform anymore (YAY) I thought this will be perfect for keeping me warm at college. Its also super snuggly inside.

Smock- Primark £5
Cardigan- Primark £14.00

When I walked into Primark I spotted this smock and cardigan and fell in love with them. I just love the colour and the pattern on the smock and it teams really well with the cardigan. 

Cardigan- £14.00

I have been lusting for a cardigan like this for ages and yesterday I finally bought one. As its cream coloured it will go with just about anything which means I can layer my outfits up.

Thumper Slippers- Primark £3.00
Care Bear Slippers- Primark £4.00

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I got these slippers for christmas. However my mum suggested I got another pair of each for when they are in the wash.


Eco Tools Make up Brushes- Boots £11.99

With trying to look after my face I needed to buy some good quality make up brushes. I was really keen to buy the eco tools one as not only are they good quality but they are eco friendly as well. I will write a review about them once I begin to use them

Make up Applicators- Boots £2 per pack

When I'm at college or go out at the weekend I wear eye-shadow. My mum suggested I get some cheap disposable ones rather than have one brush as it would be easier to throw them away rather than wash them.

Well that's my shopping haul. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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