Monday, 16 February 2015

My Hair Story

Hello :)
       Sorry for not blogging in a while. I've been busy with college work (and still am) and temporarily had no wifi for a week.

Tonight I thought I would share my hair story with you as over the years it's changed a lot.

My natural hair is fine and the colour brown. Up until the age of 8 I had long hair until I got it cut.

Before I went into year 4 I got my hair cut to shoulder length and it stayed like that up until I left primary school.

When I started secondary school I got my hair cut into a bob shape and kept it straight. It was a bit annoying at times as it wouldn't always go straight and there wasn't much I could do with my hair.

Then halfway through year 8 I got my hair cut super short (above my ears practically) as when I saw photo's models with cropped hair looked amazing. So at the time I loved having super short hair but looking back I now hated it.

My hair stayed short for the next couple of years. Halfway through year 10 I got blonde highlights put in my hair. I loved having my highlights as it made my hair lighter and they looked fab.

Shortly afterwards I decided I wanted to grow my hair out. So i started the long process of growing it out and slowly it began to get longer.

When I broke up for summer holidays I dyed my hair pink which I absolutely loved!!! However it only lasted 4 days because a) it was only a temporary dye and b) My hair was quite dark so it faded pretty quickly (*sobs*)

A week after dying my hair pink I dyed it bleach blonde the day before I went on holiday. It then stayed this colour for the rest of the summer holidays. Despite it looking ok and me enjoying having blonde hair this was a BIG MISTAKE.

The day before I went into year 11 I got my hair dyed professionally at the hairdressers. They removed the blonde and dyed it lighter than my natural hair colour with blonde highlights. At this point my hair was a honey colour which I absolutely loved and it was beginning to get longer. My hair pretty much stayed like this for a year and a half whilst getting longer and longer.

Last year a week before October half term I was due to get my hair re dyed so I decided to dye it pink in the mean time. Also I can have non natural coloured hair for college so this was another reason I dyed it. Again I loved having my hair pink and it only lasted a week (this was because it was getting re dyed anyway otherwise it would have lasted much longer with my hair being lighter).

I then got it dyed back to the colour I normally get it dyed and this is my current hair. Hopefully in the near future I will dye my hair pink again (although I'll just do it semi permanently). I'm very happy with the colour of my hair and all I want is to keep growing my hair so its gets longer (and I will be able to go out without it frizzing and ATM I don't like wearing my hair down because of that)

Well that's my hair story. I hope you enjoyed the post. Have you experimented with your hair?

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