Sunday, 4 October 2015

A walk in the forest

Hello lovelies,
              This morning I went on a walk in a forest near where I live and it was great!

The forest itself

The mushrooms we saw
I love going for walks, especially out in the country. It's great for stress relief and it gives you time away from the hassles of day to day life. I found it very relaxing walking through the forest and felt at peace. The scenery surrounding me was very beautiful as well.

Walking down from the "hanging rock"
My favourite part of the walk was walking up to the hanging rock (sorry I didn't get any photo's of it). Its a massive rock and if you climb on top of it you can see for miles around you. I loved sitting there for a few minutes and taking everything in. However as much as I love the hanging rock and the view, its ridiculously steep walking up and down to it.

So that was my morning and next time if your feeling stressed, why not take a walk out into the countryside. 

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