Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Harry Potter and London

Hello pumpkins!
               Last friday i went down south with my family for a few days and we arrived back yesterday. Whilst down south we went to the Harry Potter studio and London (for 2 days) and I thought I would share my experience with you.

Harry Potter Studio

Queuing in the line with my pass
It took us 3 hours to do the tour but it was SO SO worth it! The tour consisted of 2 buildings and an outdoor area. 
In the inside bit we saw all the original set,costume and props that were used within all 8 films. It was amazing seeing and recognizing the different sets that were used in the films. 

Dumbledore's Office

Halloween Feast in the Great Hall

Diagon Alley

Yule Ball Costumes

Off to catch the train on
Platform 9 3/4

During our tour they had a Dark Events going on. They had death eaters walking around (I met 2 of them!), how the wands were crafted for the films and how the wand special effects were created.
I met a death eater!

Butter Beer!
I even got to try the famous butter beer that features within the harry potter books and films. It was really nice and refreshing although I wasn't keen on the white marshmallow froth on top (it was a bit too sweet for me)

Knocking on Harry's House
With the outside bit of the tour they had the Knight bus, Privett Drive, the bridge from Hogwarts (which was very uneven to walk across!) and Potter's cottage.

Its Forkes the Phoenix
Once we went back inside we looked round the creatures section which was very fascinating. I met Forkes the phoenix (which I was very happy about as he is one of my favourite creatures in Harry Potter) and I also met Buckbeak (Buckbeak bowed to me and for those of you who have read Harry Potter you will know what it means). They are robotic but they look very realistic and are very cleverly designed. 

Hogwarts Castle!
My favourite part of the tour had to be seeing Hogwarts castle. It was all lit up and looked so magical. They even used this model for some of the scenes in the movies!

The tour was fabulous and I really enjoyed looking round all the set and designs. If any of you get the chance to go I would say go, you won't be disappointed!

London: Day 1

In the morning we walked round Camden Market. I was a tad disappointed this time as they had changed all the stalls around as they are currently renovating an area of the market. However I still enjoyed looking round the market and I bought 3 tops and a sun and moon necklace. For lunch we had "Bang Bang" chicken and noodles which was delicious.

Covent Garden Market

The Moomin Shop!

In the afternoon we went round Covent Garden which we had never done before. I enjoyed going round the market and visiting all the cute little shops there. My favourite shops were the moomin shop and Artbox. Artbox was filled with tonnes of kawaii stuff (AKA Severina heaven) and when we go back I'm going to buy a cuddly alpaca from there!

London: Day 2

Changing of the guards

In the morning we watched the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and I was lucky enough to get to the front of the palace. It was great seeing the guards change, some of the guards arrived on horses and the guards also played music.

In the afternoon we ate in Leicester Square at Bella Italia. It was a lovely meal!

Well that's what I've been up to these past few days. Its been lovely spending some time away from home. Have you done anything for half term?

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