Saturday, 17 October 2015

Autumn is here

Hello everyone!
               As autumn has arrived I thought i'd share with you 5 things I like about autumn.

  1. The leaves: In autumn I love seeing the leaves change colours from green to different shades of red and orange. They look very pretty. I also stepping on the crunchy leaves and kicking piles of leaves (I'm still a kid at heart)
  2. Sweater weather: As the weathers getting colder I've said goodbye to my summer clothes and hello to my sweaters/jumpers. There's nothing better than snuggling into your jumper on a cold day.
  3. Halloween: Now I don't go trick or treating or to halloween parties but halloween is one of my favourite events in autumn. I love seeing everyone's houses all spooky with halloween decorations. Also other reason to like halloween is the halloween themed sweets and chocolates.
  4. Bonfire Night: Probably my favourite night of autumn. I don't like the loud bangs from the fireworks but I love bonfire night because I love seeing the fireworks explode into a million different colours, the smell of bonfires and treacle toffee!
  5. Cosy nights in: I love spending my evenings (when I'm not doing homework) snuggled up at home, watching TV, having a hot bath ect. With the weather being cold autumn is the perfect season to do this.

Those were my 5 things I like about autumn, what do you like about autumn?

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