Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Feminism// What it means to me

   Today I'm going to be writing a topic I'm passionate about... FEMINISM!

I will explain to you Feminism and the reasons why I call myself a feminist (which I'm proud to do)

There are lots of misconceptions about feminism, so I will start with the basics.

Here is the definition of Feminism:

As it says in bold feminism is about GENDER EQUALITY FOR BOTH GENDERS! 
One of the most common questions I get asked is "If it's about equality for all genders, then why is it called feminism?"
Firstly the feminist movement and definition came about in the 1960's where women were second class citizens to men and didn't have the same opportunities/equality as men, hence why the feminist movement started.
Secondly the word "feminist" is still applicable to today's society. Even though in many first world countries women are now in a far better position there is still gender inequalities, e.g the gender pay gap. Also in 3rd world countries women are treated as second class citizens as they don't have the same rights as men and are often forced into marriage.

It also shocks me that there are hashtags on twitter such as #Idontneedfeminism, mainly it's because they haven't been oppressed/ abused by men. I find this an extremely weak excuse not to support feminism because I haven't experienced poverty yet I'll donate to charities such a Children in Need. 

With feminism there are so many misconceptions and it really frustrates me! Some people think feminists are man haters and that women want to dominate the world! NO NO NO, feminists are not man haters, I'm a feminist and don't hate men (plus see above point about the definition of feminism). However there is a tiny minority of feminists which have extreme views (like all groups in society). These are radical feminists who believe men and women should live separately and patriarchal lesbianism is the way to overcome patriarchy (Yes- I have studied this in sociology)

This is what feminism is about: 
  • Equal rights for BOTH GENDERS
  • Feminists don't hate men
  • Feminism is about equality, NOT WOMEN BEING BETTER THAN MEN

Now I'm going to explain my reasons as to why I'm a feminist.

Why I'm a feminist:

(Apply to 3rd world countries)

These statistics shocked me and this is a reason why I support and believe in feminism. Girl's shouldn't have to suffer because of their gender, they should be allowed to live a safe, happy life which is full of opportunity.

Another reason I'm a feminist is it covers a wide range of issues from cat calling, body shaming to more serious issues such as rape culture and female genetic mutilation (FGM).
As a girl I want to wear what I want without being sexualised, feel comfortable in my own skin, but I also want to tackle the more serious issues as well.

As well as covering issues that affect women feminism tackles men's issues as well (contrary to beliefs that feminism is only about issues women face) such as men being victims of rape/ domestic abuse, men feel they have to be masculine ect. One issue that angers me the most is that if a man hits a women everyone flips out yet if a women hits a man there is barely a reaction, THIS IS WRONG and this is why we need feminism to tackle these issues.

These are all the reasons I'm a feminist and I'm proud to be one!

I'll leave you with Emma Watson's speech about Feminism which is very inspirational:

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