Thursday, 9 January 2014

Its a pamper night for me

Heyyyy Ho all!!!
                Today was my first day back at school and it went well. On the night before school starts again I have several choices, do homework I have tried to forget about (nope because I had already done my homework during the holidays, cry, do nothing or have a pamper evening.
Can you guess what I did???

I had a pamper evening and these are the products I used

Lush: Sex Bath Bomb
OMG OMG OMG!!! This is the best bath bomb I ever used. I dropped it into the bath and it turned the water bright pink and smelt amazing. If I get the chance then I will buy this bath bomb again because it's soooo fabulous

Lush:Cupcake Face Mask
This face mask probably has the cutest name out of them all. However it looked and smelt disgusting when I applied it to my face. However once I washed it off it left my face feeling lovely and smooth. I haven't seen a difference in spots yet but I'm going to give it a few go's to see if it makes a different.
For me it wasn't the best face mask I ever used (Personally I prefer the catastrophe cosmectic) 

Soap and Glory: Scrub of your life 
This smells so lovely, all fruity and fantabulous. It comes in a funky pink tube and even the scrub itself contains pink grains. When I used it it left my skin feeling smooth and fabulous. I must say its amazing and probably because its by Soap and Glory ( my fave beauty brand ever!!!)

Soap and Glory: The righteous Body Butter
I love this body butter!!! Its thick but just the right thick, not too thick or too gloopy or sticky. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft and smelling lush. Again its by Soap and Glory so that's just one reason of why I love it so much.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream  

I've been using this hand cream for a while now and I can confirm it works!!! I would describe the scent as a lovely fresh rosey smell. It definitely leaves your hands all lovely and soft.

The Body Shop: Foot scrub and Foot cream
My feet can get quite rough and all horrible. So firstly I use the pumice foot scrub which smells very minty. Once I wash it off I apply a thick layer of foot cream ( its pink and again smells minty) and put on my thickest pair of socks. In the morning I wash my feet ( when I'm in the shower) and they feel lovely and smooth. I find these are the best products to use on your feet.

Well that's what I use when I have a pamper night. I wonder if any of you have a pamper night. If you do leave a comment and tell me what you use :D

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