Friday, 3 January 2014

First shopping spree of the year


So I had money left over from Christmas. Can anyone guess what I did??? 

Yesterday I went on my first shopping spree of the year and it was fab. I intended to buy clothes in the sale and a few other things but I bought no clothes and nothing in the sales (ooops)

Here is everything I bought

Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner
I wanted some new shampoo and conditioner so I ended up buying the soap and glory Glad Hair Day one. In my gift set ( which I got for Christmas)I had a mini tube of the shampoo so I tried it out and loved it. It makes your hair smell fruity and makes it feel wonderful. Also it doesn't leave your hair greasy which some shampoo's can. I cant wait to use the conditioner and I hope that works just as well.    

Lush Face Mask- Cupcake
I bought this face mask from Lush and it has such a cute new ( Cupcake in case you cant see from my photo, sorry). I have read loads of great reviews and its meant to be great for rubbish teenage skin which is what I have. It even contains chocolate so I cant wait to try it out.

Lush Bath Bomb- Melting Marshmallow
I was in Lush looking for some fabulous bath bombs and I came across this one. Its pink and smells of Candy. It also looks like a fluffy marshmallow ( hence the same). I haven't used it yet but ATM its making my room smell lovely so I cant wait to use this in the bath.

Lush Bath Bomb- Sex Bomb 
This is the other bath bomb I picked out ( correction it was the first one I picked up) As you can see it looks very cute and has a lovely pinky purply colour. Also I had previously read great reviews of this bath bomb and seen loads of pictures of the bath water being turned pink by it. It smells amazing as well, I really hope this bath bomb works for me otherwise I will cry as I have high hopes for this bath bomb and I want to buy more of these bath bombs. 

The Body Shop Atlas Rose fragrance body mist 
The last time I was in the Body Shop I came across the tester of this and sprayed some to see if I liked it. I didn't like it, I LOVED it!!! I love rosy scents and this smelt lovely. Also the bottle is really cute. So this time round I bought it and I'm very glad I did. When it runs out I will definitely be buying some more.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream
Again like the Rose Body mist I tried out the tester of the hand cream in the shop and loved it. It smells amazing and leaves your hands feeling smooth. The cream isn't all sticky and gloopy and its a lovely pale pink colour, BONUS!!!

Primark Trainers in Black and White
I've wanted a pair of black and white trainers for ages so I finally got a pair. The white ones will go with pretty much every outfit and as they are low  heel I will be able to show off my frilly socks YAY!!!!

Rilakkuma Bag
I bought this bag from one of my favorite shops ever ( Toki Yoki). I have an obsession for all things kawaii and rilakkuma is a kawaii brand so I just had to buy it. I needed a new lunch bag so this is going to be my new lunch bag.

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