Sunday, 5 January 2014

This or That Tag

Hello everyone!
               Today's blog post is a one or the other one. I saw it on someone else's blog and it looked pretty fun to do, so here is mine.

Make up
Blusher or bronzer

I have never really used bronzer before and sometimes it can make you look a little to orange. However I love blusher and I use it on a regular basis. It gives your cheeks a lovely healthy glow and comes in power or cream form. There are also many great shades to choose from which give you cheeks a natural glow.

Lipstick or Lip gloss

Lip gloss can make your hair sticky when its windy and plus it never lasts long. However lipstick stays on for much longer and isn't sticky as its matte. I love lipstick and I find there are more colours to choose from with lipstick than there is with lip gloss.

Eyeliner or Mascara

I have never really mastered the technique of putting on eyeliner so I always end up looking like a panda. So I prefer mascara and I have been using it for quite a long time. Mascara is a two in one as it makes your eyelashes longer and gives them volume. You cant really go wrong with mascara. Its one of my cosmetics must haves.

Foundation or Concealer

I have never really used concealer that much and when I do it just goes wrong. Foundation is very easy and you can find one that matches your skin tone. I prefer liquid foundations as they are less likely to go wrong. Also you can use foundation as a concealer as well so double bonus.

Neutral or Colour Eye shadow

I prefer neutral eye shadow to coloured eye shadow for the simple reason it looks more natural. Also I haven't really used coloured eye shadow in a long time as it can look like clown make up.

Brushes or Sponges

I have only used a sponge once and it went very wrong as I applied the foundation to my face rather than the sponge. So when I used the sponge it wiped off my foundation. Also you can only really use sponges for foundation and cream blushers whereas with brushes you can use them to apply pretty much any type of makeup. Also they are so much more easier to use and they are re use-able.


Long or short

Hmmm this one was quite hard. However really long nails just look freaky and are more likely to break. Also with short nails you can paint them bright colours to make a statement. Personally I prefer my nails to be just in the middle, not to long or to short. Also practical wise short nails are far better and they are less hassle.

Acrylic or Natural

Although I like acrylic nails they can damage your nail layers and can be quite painful if they get caught and get ripped off. Also it can take ages to get them off. With natural nails you can get special nail strengthening polish to help them grow. You can also paint your nails and do funky nail art just like with acrylics.

Bright or Dark Nail Polish
Bright nail polish


If I'm going to make a statement via make up then its with nail polish. They can contrast with your outfit and add a pop of colour. Also there are more bright shades of nail polish to choose from than with dark shades. I find dark shades of nail polish can be too harsh.


Perfume or Body Spray
Body Spray


Hmmm this one was a very hard one to choose as I use them both regularly and I love them both. However if I had to pick one I would choose body sprays. There are more scents to choose from so you are bound to find one that suits you. Also you can use body spray as a perfume so that's an extra bonus. Body sprays come in huge bottles so they last longer and they tend to be cheaper as well.

Body Lotion or Body Butter

Body Butter

Again this one was really hard as I use both and love them both. However I will go with body butter. It is thicker which can make it more moisturizing. Also they can come in a variety of smells and colours and are pretty fab.

Body Wash or Soap
Body Wash

Body wash wins by miles!!! It is so much more easy to use and doesn't slip out of your hands. They tend to foam up more and come in a much wider variety than soap does. Although I must admit some soaps look very pretty and smell amazing.

Jeans or Sweatpants

I only own one pair of sweatpants and I only wear them for PE and cleaning the car. Therefor jeans win. Jeans go with pretty much every outfit and come in a variety of colours and different types of jeans like bootleg and skinny.

Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves
Short Sleeves

Again this was another hard one to choose from but I own more short sleeve shirts than long. You can wear them all year round as you can put plain long sleeved shirts underneath or wear a cardigan or hoodie. They are zillions of colours and designs to choose from and some are very cute!!!

Dresses or Skirts

I find dresses much more cuter. Also you can wear dresses formally and non formally and can be worn all year round. They come in all different lengths, shapes and colours.

Flip Flops or Sandals

Flip Flops slip off really easily and the middle bit can rub the middle of your toes raw which makes them really sore afterwards. Sandals are much easier to wear and are more likely to stay on your feet!!! You can get them in many different patterns and even get wedged sandals which give you height.

Necklaces or bracelets

I own more bracelets than necklaces. Also you can wear more than one bracelet at one which is really cool and something you cant really do with necklaces. Bracelets can be bought quite cheaply, especially if bought from charity shops where you can get some cool vintage ones.

High Heels or Flat Shoes
Flat Shoes

You are less likely to hurt yourself if you fall in flat shoes. Also they are much easier to walk in. They can come in many different forms such as creepers, pumps, trainers boots ect. They come in many different styles and colours.

Curly or Straight

Personally I find straight hair much more easier to manage. It it less likely to frizz and get tangled. Also its easy to get curly hair from straight hair but not so easy vice versa.

Bun or Ponytail

Ponytails are far more easier to do. Also they take less time and look really simple. You can do more thing with a ponytail than you can with a bun. You can wear your ponytail high, low or even at the side of your head.

Short Hair or Long Hair

I've had short hair for a long time but now I'm growing it out as I want it long. You can do more things with long hair and it is less likely to stick up and look horrible. Also short hair only suits some people and cropped hair can look very cool. But more me its long hair. 

Up or Down

As mentioned before I'm growing my hair out and the ends can flick out which really bug me. I prefer wearing my hair up as it makes it easy to manage and if I go out the wind isn't going to ruin it. However if you have long hair I would say it looks really pretty left down

Well they my opinions on one or the other. Please comment if you disagree with me or have any different preferences.

BTW I think this is my longest blog post ever :D (wooooooo)

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