Sunday, 27 March 2016

A to Z (of me!)

Hello chicks!
             Firstly a very happy Easter to you all, I hope everyone has a lovely day!

Today I thought I would share with you A to Z of me!

A is for Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne was one of the 1st artists I got into and the 1st song I listened to by her was SK8R BOI (although old I still love that song). Over the years I've listened to more of her songs and one of my favourites is What The Hell.

B is for Berry

My surname is Berry. I also like berries (strawberries are my favourite, hence why my blog is called Sweet Strawberries)

C is for Chocolate

Chocolate is one my favourite foods and snacks. I'm a massive chocoholic and my favourite brand of chocolate is Galaxy.

D is for Drama

My favourite subject is drama and I've loved the subject ever since Y7, currently I'm studying it at A-level! In 3 weeks I will be performing with my class for our drama exam (practical!)

E is for Eat, Pray, Love

I love this film and I have watched it twice now. After watching this  it make's me want to meditate and go on a life changing journey.

F is for Forests

I love to take walks in forests and be surrounded by nature. It leaves me feeling relaxed and I have gotten fresh air as well.

G is for Ginger

My hair is currently dyed ginger (although it's faded quite a lot so I'm sad about that). I wish my natural hair colour was ginger as it's such a beautiful, vibrant hair colour

H is for Horror

I hate horror movies and I refuse to watch them as they will give me nightmares. The last "horror" thing I saw was Women in Black be performed with my drama class, it was terrifying but funny at the same time
I is for Independent

I'm a very independent person and I don't like to rely on others. I'm hoping university will make me an even more independent person.

J is for Jigglypuff

Much to everyone's amusement my hamster was called Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff was my 1st ever pet which  I owned when I was a very tiny tot (sadly Jigglypuff is no longer with us)

K is for Kawaii

The Japanese word for cute! I love all things Kawaii and I've had an interest ever since I was 13 years old. Alot of my friends say I'm very kawaii!

L is for Lovely

I'm a nice person and I like to be nice to everyone, the world needs more kindness. There is a quote which is if you can't find a nice person, be one (which I try to be)

M is for Movies

I love to watch a movie and my movie taste consists of kids movies, disney, teenage movies and old(ish) movies. I have way to many favourite movie is Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2.

N is for Nocturnal

I'm the opposite of nocturnal! I go to bed early and I very very rarely stay up late.

O is for Orange

Oranges aren't my favourite fruit and I can't stand oranges that aren't juicy and are just all soggy. Also I don't like orange juice as it's far too acidic for me.

P is for Pink

Pink is one of my favourite colours and has been ever since I was little! I find it such a happy/ positive colour.

Q is for Quirky

I would describe myself as being quirky and having a quirky personality.

R is for Reader

One of my favourite hobbies is reading and my book shelf is over flowing. I really love teenage/ young adult fiction. Currently I'm reading All The Bright Places.

S is for Smiley

I love to smile and I'm a very smiley person. I like to spread positivity!

T is for Teacher

One of my dreams is to become a primary school teacher and I'm currently working towards that. I would like to make a positive difference to children's lives and I would find it such a rewarding job.

U is for University

Hopefully I'll be going to university in September to study Primary Education. I'm so excited and I'm working really hard so my place is confirmed. I will find out in August if I'm going or not

V is for Virgo

My star sign is Virgo although my rising sign is Leo (personality).

W is for Wanderlust

Another dream of mine is to travel the world. There are so many places I want to visit and there is so much to see.

X is for X-Ray

The most unusual X-ray I had was for my mouth when I was getting braces. We discovered I had a hidden tooth right in the middle of the palette of my mouth. A year later I had an operation to have it removed (just over 3 years ago)

Y is for You Belong With Me

This was the 1st ever Taylor Swift song I ever listened to. I really like this song and lead me to going on to listen to more of her songs.

Z is for Zebra

By the time I got to Z I was struggling for idea's and zebra was the 1st word that sprung to mind.

I hoped you enjoyed reading! If you could do and A to Z of you what 26 words would describe you?


stephsalx said...

I love this post and I've not seen it done before. I might give it a go myself soon X
Steph/Love Steph x

Severina said...

Thank you lovely and you should! X