Saturday, 19 March 2016

Completing the couch to 5K programme

      Tonight I want to share with you my personal achievement of completing the couch to 5K programme!

Before completing the programme the only time I ran was for the bus and even that left my out of breathe and needing to use my inhaler. However last summer I decided I'd had enough of being unfit and I wanted to get fitter through running.

My mum recommended me the couch to 5K programme which is free to download onto your device and you can get it on the google play/ app store.

Couch to 5K is a 9 week programme (it took me longer as I became busy at college then it was winter) which slowly gets you into running. You run 3 times a week (ideally having a rest day in between each run). For the first 5 weeks you alternate between running/ walking as the time increases. Then after that you run for long periods of time non-stop. It's extremely doable even if your not into running!

Week 1

This was a nice and easy week as I was only running for 60 seconds, maximum. You don't have to run as fast as you can either, it's all about finding a pace you can comfortably run at.

Week 2

Another easy week. I was slowly getting into the motion of running and I was starting to enjoy myself.

Week 3

This week was an interesting week as I was running for short periods of time followed by longer runs. I found it slightly challenging but I managed to keep on going.

Week 4

This was the week of doing longer runs but by now I was getting used to running for longer periods of time. I also found myself being less out of breathe.

Week 5

The 1st 2 days I was fine as I was alternating between running and walking. However day 3 of week 5 I was dreading as I was going to be running for 20 minutes straight. However I managed to do it by staying focused and running at a comfortable pace. I was really proud that I had managed to run for 20 minutes straight and to me that was such an achievement.

Week 6

This was my last week of running/walking. For the 1st 2 days I ran for 10 minutes and walked for 3. After running for 20 minutes straight I knew I could run for 25 minutes and I didn't dread it as much. By now I was feeling a lot fitter.

Week 7

This was my first proper week of running for long periods of time without walking. By now I knew I could easily do it, despite finding it challenging and tiring. 

(I completed week 8 but I don't have a photo to go with it, sorry)

Week 9

Before completing the 9 week runs I had a massive gap between week 8 and 9 as I was busy and then it was winter. 
This was the most challenging week as I was running for 30 minutes straight. On one of the 3 days my ankle became very sore but I managed to keep on running until the end. 

After completing this week and the programme I'm so proud of myself as I've improved so much and I feel fitter. Now I'm aiming to run 10K.

If your not very fit/ want to get into running but you're a beginner I would definitely recommend the couch to 5K. It's challenging in places but it's not impossible to complete and you'll feel amazing afterwards!


Pink said...

Wow - well done! I've always wanted to try couch to 5k, but never believed I could do it (too much enticement from the TV and wine glass!)

You've given me the inspiration to have a go!

That Wise Lady

Severina said...

Aww thank you very much!
You should definitely give it a try, it's so rewarding!