Saturday, 12 March 2016

Reducing Stress

Hey there!
          We live in a very hectic world where we are pretty much busy 24/7. Plus with exams only a couple of months away (well for me anyway) you can soon be left feeling extremely stressed and tired out. 

Here are some tips to help reduce stress, I hope you find them useful.

Organisation: If you have lots of different things to do which come with deadlines this can soon leave you panicking about what to do first. Prioritize, make to do lists, organize what needs to be done. This allows you to set goals and prioritize what needs doing first, making all the things you need to do more manageable. 

Exercise: This can be one of the best ways to reduce stress! There are lots of different ways to exercise, such as: Running, jogging, dancing, doing a workout ect. Not only relaxes you but it helps to take your mind off things, plus doing a workout can leave you feeling great afterwards.  

Relaxing: Another really simple and effective way at reducing stress. Having me time and looking after yourself really does help! There are hundreds of ways to relax such as: Having a pamper night, reading a book, watching your favourite TV series ect.

MeditatingMeditating helps to unwind and relax your mind, it's leaves you feeling calmer. It doesn't have to be putting yourself in fancy yoga positions. One of my favourite ways to to meditate is by doing the one minute meditation (shout out to my ethics teacher for teaching me this) as 1 minute is sometimes all you need to feel more relaxed. Here is the link if you fancy trying it out yourself:

Listen to music: Listening to music helps to blot out everything that's going on and it allows you to concentrate on the lyrics. I always find songs that have really uplifting/upbeat tune always help to perk me up.

Those are my tips on how to reduce stress! What do you do to reduce stress?

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Anonymous said...

Really found this helpful! Thankyou and I'll be using some of these ways to reduce stress in the future