Friday, 11 March 2016

My favourite TV shows

Hello everyone!
               It's been rather cold and rainy where I live, however this afternoon we had sunshine and it was warmer for once.

Today I thought I would share with you my favourite TV shows (after reading this post it might tempt you to watch them!)

Sailor Moon

I first starting watching Sailor Moon a few years ago and I'm currently up to Season 4, it's also the only anime TV Show I've ever watched. Sailor Moon is also "Neo Queen Serenity" and she and her friends (the other sailor scouts) fight evil on planet Earth to protect the future and obviously Earth. I got into Sailor moon after reading a couple of the manga books and I loved the TV version (although there are a few differences). There are lots of cliff hangers, interesting plots and incredible plot twists! There is even a new series out called Sailor Moon Crystal.

Switched at Birth

I first saw my mum watching Switched at Birth and it looked really interesting so I decided to watch it for myself and I instantly loved the the programme. It's about 2 girls who were switched at birth (daphne/bay), Daphne is deaf and comes from a poor background and Bay lives with a rich family. Not only did the programme have so much drama which kept me entertained but I also learnt so much about deaf people/ the deaf community and it was very eye opening (it inspired me to take up Makaton after school). I spent my summer watching Switched at Birth and I'm so sad because Season 5 came out in America but it hasn't been aired in the UK yet *SOBS*.

Pretty Little Liars

Firstly I apologize as I'm very behind on the PLL bandwagon (I'm only halfway through Season 2 as I don't have Netflix so I watch PLL on DVD). I love PLL as there are so many mysteries and clues that I'm desperate to be revealed/find out about. I also love all the relationships the characters have with each other and the more series I watch the more interesting it gets.

Jonathan Creek

I first started watching Jonathan Creek a few months ago with my parents and I've been hooked ever since. Jonathan Creek is a kooky detective who solves what seem to be impossible mysteries (or as he would say "implausible but not impossible"). My favourite part is where he reveals the mystery and how he solved out. However I must admit I'm sad with Jonathan Creek as he companion (the girl in the picture AKA Maddie) is no longer in the show and he has a new companion now.

Do you watch any of these shows? What are your favourite TV shows?

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