Saturday, 3 September 2016

A trip to the Cotswolds

Hi there!
The past few days I’ve been on holiday and I went to the Cotswolds! The Cotswolds are located in Southern England and is the most stunning part of the countryside in the whole of England. I thought I would share with you what I got up to whilst I stayed in the Cotswolds.

Places we visited

Cambridge: Not part of the Cotswolds but on our way down we had a day in Cambridge, which I’ve never visited before. I really enjoyed visiting Cambridge as I got to see quite a few of the different university colleges. There were also lots of different shops to explore, including independent and one of a kind shops (perfect for a shopaholic like me!) Whilst we didn’t do this, if you get the chance to visit Cambridge you can go punting on the river there.

Biddestone (AKA Carsley): Although this is a tiny village within the Cotswolds, I was really excited to visit Biddestone. The reason for this is where the TV Series and Film “Agatha Raisin” was filmed. Agatha Raisin is also is a book series and within the books and TV series Biddestone is called “Carsley”. It was really exiting walking round the village and pointing out all the buildings we had seen on TV, I even got to see the cottage which is Agatha’s home in the TV series.

Broadway: This was probably one of my favourite villages I visited whilst in the Cotswolds. Broadway is so pretty and is filled with lots of independent shops. There is even a little shopping arcade. I really enjoyed looking round Broadway and doing a bit of shopping there.

Bath: We were less than an hour away from Bath, so we had a day trip to Bath. There is so much to see and do in Bath, as there are lots of shops and museums. We visited the Royal Cresent, the postal museum, the fashion museum (post about this will be coming shortly!) as well as all the shops. If you are staying in the Cotswolds then I recommend taking a day trip to Bath.

Bourton on the water: We visited Bourton on the water the last time we came to the Cotswolds so I was happy to be visiting this village once again. Bourton on the water is another pretty village which has a stream running through the centre and lots of shops to look at. However most of the shops were shut by the time we got there as we arrived in the evening, but we still enjoyed our walk around the village.

Cirencester: I loved visiting Cirencester, it was such a stunning little village. Cirencester is a market village within the Cotswolds and is often referred to as the “capital of the Cotswolds”. There were lots of quirky shops to explore (I spent a bit there!) which were all perfect for me! Even though we didn’t do this, you can explore the church and museums whilst visiting Cirencester.

Stow (AKA Stow on the Wold): This is also another village which was used to film Agatha Raisin and we also visited Stow the last time we came to the Cotswolds. There are lots of different shops in Stow, however like bourton on the water, it was evening when we arrived so a lot of the shops were closing for the night.

Oxford: Again, not part of the Cotswolds but on the way home we wanted to spend the day looking round Oxford before going home. The first time I visited Oxford was in the summer holidays and I have now visited Oxford 3 times! (shows how much me and my family love to look round Oxford). Oxford is similar to Cambridge in a way as you can see all the university colleges there. It’s also a great place to shop as there is a huge range of shops within Oxford.

During our stay in the Cotswolds there was also a special occasion (MY BIRTHDAY!). For my birthday we had afternoon tea in Barnsley Spa and it was heaven! Barnsley spa is gorgeous and the food there was so delicious (I had a Pimms afternoon tea). The staff were so friendly and I was stunned (in a good way!) at how fabulous it was there. If you fancy a treat/ want to feel posh, I 100% recommend going to Barnsley Spa for afternoon tea.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to the Cotswolds. Have you
ever visited the Cotswolds before?

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Elizabeth Allcock said...

I live not far from Broadway and Bourton on the water love them both especially in the summer!