Wednesday, 21 September 2016

University Stationary Haul

Hi lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been really busy lately as I’ve now STARTED university! I’ve been here 3 days already and I’m loving it! I’ve made some great friends already and my flatmates are all really lovely people (my flatmates wanted to see if I had written anything about them on my blog yet and now I have, you’re welcome guys!)

One of the exciting parts about university is buying everything you need to take with you, particularly stationary. I love stationary shopping as I love being able to pick out the cutest pieces of stationary.
Here’s the stationary I’ve bought for university, hopefully this will help you if you’re starting university and are unsure of what stationary to buy.

Pens, pencils, fineliners, highlighters

Pens and pencils are the basics of stationary as everyone needs and uses them. It’s really helpful when you need to take notes down during lectures or need to draw diagrams. Highlighters help key information to stand out and also it they make revision/ notes look far prettier. I love fine liners as they make my notes far prettier, plus I’m more likely to re-read them if they are multi- coloured.

Pencil case

I obviously need somewhere to store all my pens, pencils ect so a pencil case is super helpful to stop them being loose in my bag. I’d had my eye on this pencil case for a while and eventually bought it (it amuses me and it’s in my favourite colour pink!)

Note pads and notebook

I was very lucky and managed to get these notepads on offer at Tesco for £1.50. I’m a bit picky with notepads as I need them to last me a while so I choose Pukka Pads. I think the Pukka pads are really good quality notepads and won’t fall apart easily (plus I HAD to get them in pink and purple as they are my favourite colours!)

I also bought a mini notebook from The Works as I’ll be going on placement throughout my course. This will help me to jot down notes from when I’ve been observing and will also give me idea’s for when I begin to teach classes on my own.

Palgrave’s Student Planner

I did have another planner but then I decided to buy this one from Waterstones as it’s super helpful. It’s really useful for helping me become organised and writing down everything I need to remember (such as assignment deadline dates). This planner also contains additional useful information such as useful websites, contacts and mini recipes.

Folders, file dividers and plastic wallets

I need somewhere to keep all my loose sheets and pieces of paper safe so folders really help. I’ve bought several folders so I can use one for each module. I also bought file dividers to help me divide my files into topics as well and help me keep my files organised. 


I’ve also bought other bits and pieces of stationary as A) I’m training to be a teacher and when I go on placement I need to carry a “Teachers Toolkit” and B) University won’t provide them. I thought I’d be safe and buy every bit of stationary you could possibly own so I have a good supply and have everything I need for university.

I hope this post has helped you if you are wondering what stationary to buy and take to university.

What stationary would you take to university?

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