Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Restaurant Review: Bryon

Hi honeybunches!

Today I thought I’d do something I’ve never done on my blog… write a review on a restaurant I’ve been to! The restaurant I’m going to be writing about is Byron and I’ve eaten there a total of 5 times now!

The décor of the restaurant always reminds me a bit of an American diner and you can often see from where you’re sitting the chefs cooking the food. In one Byron restaurant we ate at they had pictures of the Byron family and my dad and his finds were in fits of laughter googling them.

Byron is a burger restaurant which does proper hamburgers. When you order your burger you can choose how well cooked you want your burger (I always go for well done as I like my meat to be properly cooked). Byron even does veggie burgers! Depending on the season, they always have a “special burger” which is exclusive to that season (Byron’s current special is the B and A). However they don’t just do burgers, they also do salads and you can have burgers without a bun (AKA a skinny burger). As well as the mains there is also a good selection of sides to choose from.

Every time I’ve been to Byron, I’ve never been disappointed as the food there is always well cooked, tasty and the staff are always really friendly, for example the first time we ate at Byron was when there were 16 of us and we couldn’t fit in the first restaurant so the staff found us a sister restaurant which could seat us all.

Whenever me and my family go to Byron we always order nachos to start, which have sour cream, salsa and guacamole on them and we always enjoy them (my favourite is the sour cream dip, as I love sour cream and nachos!). They don’t just do nachos for starters, they also do buffalo chicken wings and olives. The last time me and my family ate at Byron we also ordered buffalo chicken wings for starters . They had a bit of heat to them but were very tasty to eat!

For the main I always the classic burger (AKA your typical hamburger) and a side of French fries. Whilst the burger I have is fairly simple it is always well cooked and tastes delicious. 

In fact me and my family enjoy eating at Byron so much, my brother received a Byron cookbook for his birthday and he has started to cook meals from the book.

If you are ever wanting to eat at a burger restaurant, I would recommend Byron to you! Have you ever eaten at Byron before?

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