Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My exercise routine

Hi everyone!
After my first year of 6th form I barley did an exercise and I was constantly unfit, so last summer I made the decision to start running. A year on and I’m slowly becoming more fitter and I’ve now developed an exercise routine, which I try to stick to as best as I can.

Here’s how I exercise:

Running: Last year I started running for the first time and I managed to complete the couch to 5k programme (Read about it HERE: Ever since then I’ve managed to keep up with running. With it being the summer holidays I aim to go running every morning, however this isn’t always possible so I at least try to run 3 times a week. When I run by myself I tend to do a shorter run but on a weekend I usually run with my dad and we do a longer run.

Arm workout’s: I don’t have much physical strength, in fact it’s shocking how much strength I lack! After stumbling across this workout on instagram I’ve found it perfect for me. I always try to do this work out twice a day (again, not always possible). Currently I’m using 1.5kg dumbbells (don’t laugh) and I aim to move up once it gets easier. 

General Workout:
As I don’t go to the gym I wanted a workout I could simply do at home and after having a look on the internet I found this one. As the photo shows you, you can do this workout every day and at home. If you want to make it more challenging, increase the number of reps you do each week or add different reps (although I find doing 20 leg lefts at once really challenging!) 

If you want a really simple exercise routine then try out this one, it works for me! You can always change it to suit your personal preferences.

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Bronagh Ready said...

I love this post!
My chosen exercise is swimming. I go at least twice a week, which is huge, as I used to literally do nothing!

I may have to try the weights one as well, as it'll help my swimming!

Loved the post!

Bronagh xo