Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My holiday in France


On Sunday I came back off holidays after spending 2 weeks in France. I loved being away for 2 weeks as it gave me a chance to properly relax, something I haven’t done in ages.

Here’s what I got up to whilst I was in France:

We stayed in the Port of Dinan, Dinan itself is a lovely medieval town located in Brittany. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I stayed here 2 years ago (although we weren’t in the same cottage this time)(LINK TO POST HERE: 

Every morning (well, the days when it was sunny) we would eat grapefruit, melon and croissants from the local bakery for breakfast. Let me tell you now French croissants are divine, especially coming from the bakery!

Like last time, we had a restaurant which was literally on our door step and the food is always really good there! We ate there one night and we all had steak, chips and salad. French steak is super tasty (although the French laughed at me and my mum as we like our steak well done, whereas the French like their steak medium or rare!)

This time we were staying in Dinan was a special time as the second weekend we were there they were holding the Fete de Ramparts which is a medieval festival that they hold every 2 years. There was a medieval market up in the town and lots of people were dressed up, I was actually gutted about this I would have loved to have dressed up. However next time we go I’m hoping we can get dressed up. Sunday was the final day of the festival so we stayed and watched the procession in the evening which was amazing. There were lots of people taking part who were all dressed up, there were even people on stilts, jugglers and 2 guys who literally breathed fire.

FUN FACT: Whilst the procession was taking place, a person dressed up as a peasant, gave me a kiss which my parents found hilarious.

Places we visited

During our 2 week stay we went and visited various places within the Brittany region.


Unlike last time, this time we were lucky enough to be able to visit concale itself twice, both times we visited were market days. Concale is a seaside town, a half hours drive from Dinan and their speciality is oysters (much to my disappointment, I didn’t get to try any)

The market itself was your typical French market selling everything from clothes, jewellery to fresh fruit and veg and rotisserie chicken (one of our favourite’s). I was quite unfortunate the first day we visited Concale as it was a really warm day so I ended up getting sunstroke.


Fougeres is a French medieval town which has a chalet (castle) in the centre of the town. Whilst we didn’t go into the castle itself we walked on around the outside of the castle and it was really impressive. The town itself is beautiful and has a few timber houses which were common during medieval towns. Out of all the medieval towns we visited Fougeres was one of my favourites as it was so picturesque.


Another medieval town we visited was Vannes and like Dinan, it also has a port (which is much bigger than Dinan’s port). Like Fougeres, Vannes had a few timber houses as well. I really enjoyed looking round Vannes as they had lots of different shops (including my favourite French clothes shop, Pimkie). All you beauty bloggers would enjoy Vannes as they have a Sephora there!

La Gacilly

We visited La Gacilly on the same day we visited Vannes. La Gacilly is quite a unique town as it’s known for its art (I remember it as the town of art). All around the town there was an art exhibition going on (I think this time it was an around the world theme). There are also lots of art shops which sell one of a kind items.

King Arthur Land”

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the tales and legends of King Arthur and the round table. There is a section within Brittany which is known as King Arthur land and is believed that the stories originate from there. Within King Arthur land there are lots of different sites you can visit which all relate to King Arthur. This time round we visited the Giant’s tomb and the lake of secrets.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what I got up to whilst I was in France. Are you going on holiday or have been on holiday this summer?

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