Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Recent lipstick purchases

Hello lovelies!

6 months ago, I barley owned any lipsticks. However over the months my lipstick collection has slowly grown and I’m now happy with my lipstick collection.

Looking for lipsticks can be “trial and error” as there are so many to choose from. However after reading reviews and thinking what would suit my skin tone, here’s what I’ve been purchasing.

MUA Matte lipstick- Fawn Fancy

This only cost me £1! For its price tag it’s definitely worth purchasing. It’s one of my favourite lipsticks that I own. I’ve been looking for a nude lipstick, that would suit me, for a while now and this one is perfect. This lipstick highly pigmented and with being matte, it lasts for a good few hours, however it doesn’t dry out your lips.

MUA- Shade 11

Again this lipstick only cost me £1 and it was another shade I was eager to get hold of. This shade is a lighter nude compared to Fawn Fancy. Whilst it’s not matte and isn’t as pigmented as Fawn Fancy, it’s really easy to apply and it gives your lips a lovely shine. For someone who suffers with dry lips, I found this lipstick really moisturising. The only thing I would say is if you wanted to make your lips pop with colour, you would have to build the colour.

Essence- BFF

After reading a review BFF I was curious to try it out, plus I loved the colour of the lipstick. BFF is part Essence’s “Sheer and Shine” lipstick range. This was another lipstick I found really easy to apply and it made my lips feel really soft. However this was the most disappointing as when applied to my lips the colour barley showed and I don’t think it the colour would last long. Having said that, I’m willing to give it another go and I’ll try building up the colour to see if that makes a difference.

Essence Velvet Matte- Shade 23

When Essence released their velvet matte range I instantly fell in love with this shade and I was eager to purchase this lipstick. I’m really happy I eventually got to pick this lippy up as it certainly didn’t disappoint me. This lipstick is nicely pigmented as whilst it’s a pink nude, it suits me really well. I loved this lipstick so much that I ended up wearing it to my 6th form prom.

Revlon Lip Butter- Sweet Tart

Whilst I’ve previously only owned 1 lip butter (peach parfait), I love the Revlon lip butters. When I was looking through a cheap make up stall I came across this shade (It’s not sold in stores, but I’m sure if you look on stalls and beauty outlets, you’ll come across it). The reason I love these lip butters is that they are highly pigmented, very easy to apply and keep my lips moisturised. Sweet Tart is a brilliant shade as it gives my lips a pop of pink.

Rimmel- Berry Rose

Like Sweet Tart, this is another lipstick I picked up from the cheap makeup stall. This lipstick is part of Revlon’s Moisture Renew range. Berry rose is a lovely plum shade and I adore plum shaded lipsticks as they really suit my skin tone. I found this lipstick to be pigmented and it gave my lips a burst of colour. The formula of the lipstick is lightweight, making it really easy to apply and gives your lips a lovely sheen.

Rimmel Kate Moss- Shade 107

I really wanted a red lipstick and when I heard this one was great for us pal gals, I purchased it. This lipstick is a lovely wine red colour which is very pigmented, when I want to wear a bold lipstick, this is the one I instantly reach for. Whilst it’s a bold lipstick is it perfect for people with a pale complexion as it suits the skin tone. With it being a very bold colour and being highly pigmented, the colour lasts for ages.

Maybe next time you’re out make up shopping you might be tempted to pick up these lipsticks. What are your favourite lipsticks?

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