Monday, 8 August 2016

Teeange Voices #5

   I'm back again with another response to my Teenage Voices series.
Teenage Voices is all about asking teenagers whether they think they have a voice and if so, is it heard?

Teenage Voices #5

This time round I interviewed the lovely Jade Millard. Jade also runs a fantastic blog, so you should definitely go and check it out! (JADE'S BLOG: are Jade's responses to the questions I asked her:   

The older generation often believe teenagers don't have any opinions, do you think this is true?

I definitely think that the older generation often believe that teenagers don't have any opinions. It seems to me as though they feel that because they are older than us, it does in fact mean they are wiser, which isn't always the case. We have our own thoughts on the world, and on different situations, and it can be very distressing and hurtful when some adults don't take any notice!

Do you think teeangers voices/ opinions are listened to? If not, why? 

I don't think that teenagers voices/opinions are listened to at all. Very rarely do we get asked how we feel about situations, or things that are going on in the world. Ultimately, we are the ones who are going to grow up and turn into adults next, and the fact that we still get treated like insignificant and like we are children, it can be difficult for us to understand. We should be able to make the decisions we feel are right for our future, and we should get listened to, or at least considered rather than just ignored.

What do you think needs to change for teeangers voices/ opinions to be listened to? 

I think that there should be more debates and discussions and more publicity focusing on this issue. Instead of focusing on how irresponsible we may seem, give us a chance to show off our intelligence. Some teenagers are actually super smart, but they just don't get the chance to speak out! I think that we should all make a conscious effort to start petitions too, because I think that the education system would be much better if we had more control and if we could learn about things that are of importance to us, rather than things that we won't need in the future. 

How important do you think it is for teeangers to have a voice/ opinion? 

I think it's so important for teenagers to have a voice. The truth is, we all have our own voice, but it's just that teenagers aren't as free to express their opinions and use this voice to the best of their ability. I'm sure some of us have incredible ideas, but we just are allowed to share them, or we aren't encouraged, so we are led to shut up, and struggle in silence. Our voices could change the world and the way many things are. So, we should be encouraged and empowered rather than embarrassed. 

With issues surrounding teenagers, what's one issue you have a strong/ personal opinion on?

I have an incredibly strong opinion on adolescent mental health. Adults aren't listening to us; that's a fact. They are pushing our problems to the side, and making out as though it's 'just a phase'. Some people's lives are at risk, and these healthcare professionals are just forgetting these facts. I really do think that mental health needs to be taught about in schools and throughout the media, particularly for adolescents. I use my blog to try and help as much as I can. We all have a voice, so we all need to use it powerfully and positively.

I hope you enjoyed reading Jade's answers. If you want to take part, please let me know!

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Nicole Marie said...

Yes! I agree with everything jade says! Especially about mental health although I've been fortunate to have professionals understand me lots of adults don't, which is such a shame! I love this series! Keep up the good work xx

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