Thursday, 4 August 2016

Looking after coloured hair

Looking after your hair once it’s been dyed can be a challenge, especially if it’s been dyed ginger or red. Not only do you need to keep your hair healthy but you need to maintain the colour as well.

With having my hair dyed ginger twice (which I love BTW) I know the struggle of trying to stop the colour from fading.

Here are the products I use to maintain the colour and look after my hair when it’s been coloured.

Schwarzkopf colour protect shampoo

I always find that using shampoo specifically for coloured hair helps to stop the colour from fading as quickly. I’ve been using the Schwarzkopf colour protect shampoo and it has done a great job of stopping the colour fading quickly. The shampoo is supposed to stop the colour from fading for at least 10 weeks, whilst I don’t think that this is true it did help me maintain my coloured hair for longer (I’ll say about 6 weeks). As well as helping to maintain the colour, this shampoo also helps my hair to look shiny and it has a really nice smell as well!

L’Oreal colour protect conditioning protect spray

I was given this spray as a present the first time I had my hair dyed ginger. The L’Oreal spray is designed to keep your hair nourished, protect the colour. It can be used to detangle hair and can be used on either dry or wet hair. I tend to use this spray every other night before I wash my hair the next day. I found this spray really light and it doesn’t make my hair feel sticky, it also helped my hair to feel fresher (especially if I hadn’t washed it in a couple of days). This spray has really helped me to maintain the colour of my hair.

For anyone with coloured hair I would defiantly recommend these two products as they’ve really helped me. What products do you use to look after coloured hair?

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