Friday, 5 August 2016

Summer likes and dislikes

Hi sunshines!

With it being summer and the holidays there are so many things to look forward to and to enjoy. However like everything, there are also things that we dislike about summer.

This brings me onto what I like and dislike about summer.

Summer likes

The Sun: With it being summer it’s “supposed” to be sunny (unless you live in the UK like I do, where you’ll blink and miss the sunny weather). I love it when the weather is sunny as it instantly puts me in a good mood and I love being able to stare up and see clear blue skys. Also at this time of year the sun is perfect for taking brilliant photo’s when the sun is setting (yes I have an obsession with taking photo’s of sunsets) 

Ice cream: The warmer weather is a perfect excuse to be eating more ice cream, whether it be bought on a day out or being eaten at home as a dessert. Plus there are literally hundreds of different flavours to try, all of which are super tasty (I recently went to France and on a day out I had the most delicious raspberry ice cream I had ever tasted).

Days out: With having over 6 weeks off this gives me plenty of time to go on days out. I love getting out, visiting old places and discovering new ones (I have a serious case of wanderlust!)

Summer Dislikes

The Heat: Whilst I love all the sunny weather, I hate the heat as it ends up making me fell rather ill. There is nothing worse than overheating and not being able to cool down. It makes me feel really uncomfortable, especially at night when I’m trying to get to sleep. My ideal temperature during the summer is where it is warm but there is a breeze. That way I can enjoy the warm weather without overheating.

*Photo from google images*
Insects: Firstly, I don’t mind most insects. However the warm weather attracts a lot of unwanted insects. In particular: flys, wasps and ants. It’s especially annoying when you’re trying to eat and you have to keep swatting away at flies or when a wasp comes near you. I don’t have a problem when ants are outside but as soon as they come in the house, they are a nuisance.

Long time off: Don’t get me wrong I love having time off and being able to relax. However I don’t like it when I’m not doing anything as it leads to me getting bored and I end up just counting down the days. I prefer to be doing things and making the most of time off.

These are a few things I like and dislike about summer. Is there anything you like/dislike about summer?

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Life As Unusuals said...

I love bright blue skies, it's my favourite thing about the summertime! I love to take photographs of blue skies with green trees, because blue and green are just perfect together!

I probably eat ice cream equally all year round, since I make it myself at home :) It's never too cold for ice cream in my life!

Ahh, insects. I will put up with all insects, including wasps (since they don't bother me) except for mosquitoes. Damn those little buggers, they bite me all the time! I thought I'd gotten away from it now, we had some a few weeks back, but it's back. There's a mosquito in my house again and it's eating me alive! Mildly dramatic I know... but so so itchy!

Summer is a good time :) I like to make the most of it.

~ K