Saturday, 13 August 2016

Self Care

Hello sweethearts!

In the modern world we are becoming more busy and our lives are becoming more hectic. Too often we forget to look after number 1, ourselves.
Self care is super important, it keeps us energised and stops us from becoming tired and run down. Even when we are super busy we should always aim to look after ourselves. 

We also have days when nothing is going to plan or we are just not feeling our best, during times like this self care is really important.

Self care is very important to me, especially as I tend to get stressed out easily, so making sure I look after myself is a top priority. 

Here are some ideas for self care when you need some “you” time:

· Stay hydrated

· Make your favourite hot drink

· Eat chocolate (or any type of comfort food)

· Build a blanket fort

· Have a pamper session

· Play your favourite music

· Dance

· Go for a walk

· Go on a bike ride

· Watch your favourite movie

· Read a book

· Read a magazine

· Make a scrapbook

· Write in your diary

· Have a hot bath

· Chat to a friend

· Cuddle a pet

· Meditate

· Get plenty of sleep/ Have a nap 

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you would like some more self care tips, check out these blog posts as well!:

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